Growing Up Crafty

childcraft bookSometimes, we get so caught up in the act of creating that we forget to think about why we create in the first place. People have an inborn desire to control the look of their environment, and we all make design choices everyday. Those choices may be as simple as choosing what shirt and pants to wear, what color to paint the living room, or where the best place to put the surround sound speakers is. The point I’m trying to make is that whether we think it or not, all of us are creative, one way or another. What about those of us crafters, artisans, artists, or whatever you want to call us? What sets us apart? Why do we feel the need to make something new? Where does that come from?

fisherman_puppetMany of my memories from childhood involve drawing and making things. There were epic illustrations of the battle of Hoth, and Octopi with their many waving tentacles, masks, cardboard castles, dioramas…the things that little boy’s heads were filled with. This week was Mother’s Day, which got me to thinking about these things. I remember looking through our old Childcraft books, reading poems and stories with my Mom. She was often willing to help me with whatever craft that I wanted to try, and doing these silly projects helped build the skills for doing what I do now. Looking at the illustrations (especially the ones that used models and puppets) I wanted to recreate them, and I think that those books have had a lasting impact on my crafting sensibilities even today.

tiny_handsI don’t know that she ever thought of herself as an artist or crafter until recently, as she realized that she was making creative decisions even in the quilts that she’s made off and on ever since I’ve known her. There were often handmade dolls, puppets, quilts, clothes, playdoh, collage…even ninja masks in the house growing up. Looking back on it, having a creative mom is part of what pushed me in the direction of living a creative life. I can see same thing going on with my own children and their mom. She lets them help sew and fill items, talks about the machines and praises their creations. It IS something special, being able to make things, but it’s also great to see in the kids that it’s also just something that people do. It’s a way to live their lives.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Writer Jeffrey Johnson of Handmade Family - ShowMe EtsyStay-At-Home Dad and freelance Illustrator, comiker, crafter and urban homesteader. Jeffrey  and his wife Amy work together as Handmade Family, making back to basics toys, gifts and decor for growing families. You can find his work and personal blog at, his web comic at, or around the web as redherringjeff.

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Helping out the little guy/gal.

What the heck do small businesses want from you, the consumer? (besides what you’re probably thinking – your money!) Even if you aren’t buying goods or services, you might be surprised what you can do to support your favorite small businesses. I obviously can’t speak for all small businesses, but I’ll do my best from my perspective.
First though, back to the basics…what even is a small business? And what are its goals? How do you know if it’s a small business? The definition varies a lot, but I ask myself these questions:
1. Are its owners working for a profit to make a living?  In other words, it’s their “job”, right? The answer should be “yes.” Otherwise you’re looking at a hobby – and hobbyists don’t need your support to pay the rent.
2. Is it independently owned and operated? The answer should also be “yes.” There are degrees of this, of course – some people would consider a franchise of a large company to be a small business, but those folks are getting help from a big corporate entity somewhere.  A real small business has to do it all themselves.
3. Does it primarily support the U.S. economy? Yet again, “yes.” Small businesses seem to stick to other small business as vendors whenever possible too. The materials are bought from local businesses, the items are made locally, and local consumers are benefiting from a product they couldn’t get otherwise, or would have to go far out of their way to find.  All that adds up to a net benefit for your community, your country – and you!
4. Is it dominant in its field? “No.”  I wish!  But “no.”  Small businesses are, by their nature, the underdog.  But they do a crucial job!  By providing choice and competition, they help keep those big retailers honest, help keep industry prices lower, and fill the market with niche products that the big boys don’t bother with.

Side note on my “job”… I’m just like anyone else that works for a living, but my “job” requires more flexibility. I’m no longer just a designer; I do everything from taking the trash out to invoicing jobs when they’re finished. Basically, I wear all the hats, whether they look good or not. Plus, the “fruits of my labor” are directly linked to what I DO and the customers I serve, instead of easily defined numerical goals. Clearly, I’m not working just for a paycheck!

Ok, cool. So onto goals… This should go without saying, but first and foremost, it HAS to be bringing in more money than what’s going out! I struggle with this one because I’d LOVE to give it all away. If only there actually were money trees. So assuming this is happening, at least most of the time, another goal of mine is to offer products and services that are equivalent, if not better, than my competitors. Whenever possible, I like to beat their prices, but “fair” is an absolute must. Plus, growth is a major goal, always. I want to be known for what I do, at least in my community. And speaking of community, I want mine to improve; I want to be part of a healthy local economy.

What do small businesses want from YOU? Or what can you do to support them?

• Get to know them. Even if you aren’t buying, develop a relationship. I may not remember your name, but I will remember weird things we might have talked about the last time I saw you! The more people who know me and what I do, the better. This majorly increases the chance for referrals (next)

• Give referrals and write reviews. Wow, this one is HUGE. Referrals have all but made my business. Tell your friends and family about businesses – you are like our unpaid sales force! Reviews – every day more people are going to the internet to research a company before becoming one of their customers. You are helping a business more than you know by writing a good review. Yelp and google are huge, but there are TONS to choose from. It’s like giving your server at a restaurant a bonus tip!

• Follow-through. If you offer feedback on something, do it! I really do want to see the pictures you promised to send and didn’t, I want to know if your grandma liked her gift, and I want to know when you get compliments on something I made!

• Like your small business! Click away – you have more power than you know. Facebook, twitter, google+, and pinterest are just a few; the list goes on and on. In short, social connections of any kind help businesses tremendously. In short, I want you to like me, but (I’m greedy) I want you to think I’m funny, and awesome, and good at what I do. Until I’m Wal-Mart-big, I am insecure, so…like me, share me, pin me, + me!

• Tell small businesses how you found them. If you were personally referred to me, I want to personally thank your referrer! If you saw a specific ad, that helps me figure out what marketing avenues are working best. That’ll save me money on the stuff that’s not working, and lets me put the money where it’s most effective.

 • Speak up! As a business owner, I may not have time to research what things are selling for. I try to make my products/services as affordable as I can, but if you’ve seen something elsewhere, don’t be afraid to tell me about it. I want make you happy, gain you as a customer, and get another product on the market. If I can switch a specific material, alter the job slightly, or compromise on the price a bit, I’m happy to if it means you’re happy! Is Wal-Mart going to say that? ;)

• Realize the gain in quality or knowledge by shopping at small businesses. Affordable and fair might not always be the cheapest. I know I try, but I just can’t beat all the prices out there. Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Pay attention to the quality of what you’re getting, the time spent, and the knowledge received by choosing a small business of Wal-Mart or Amazon.

• Remember that I’m right here!  Internet vendors and online companies can really be great… if everything goes right.  But we’ve all spent enough time on hold with customer service to realize that nothing beats having a flesh-and-blood person on hand to make corrections if something doesn’t come out the way you expected.

• Cash is king!  Credit card transactions charge a fee for every swipe – and you’d be surprised at how much they are.  Fees are a major pain. They totally add up. I accept all forms of payment, because if that’s what it takes to make you happy, I’ll do it. But, if you’re able to pay with cash or a check, it saves the business bunches.

• Do you have ideas and/or trades? You might have genius marketing ideas that haven’t occurred to me. Couldn’t hurt to offer them up, right? Or, even better, you need what I do, and I need what you do!

• Try them out. This one’s obvious and direct. Grab a coffee at a local coffee shop for a change. Look for a special gift at a place that carries local artists’ wares. Have dinner at a small local restaurant.

Once you start hanging out with your local businesses, you’ll find it hard – if not impossible – to ever go back.  How can you eat at an Olive Garden after you’ve tried some local Italian place with better food, lower prices, and owners who know your face?  How can you buy somebody a present from Wal-Mart after you’ve seen the personal touch you can get by giving someone something made by hand?  You’ll find that not only are you improving the lives of all the small business owners out there, but you’ll also be improving your own.

tori_saccoContributor Tori Sacco
Tori would like to help you tell your story! She makes save the dates, invitations, escort and place cards, thank you notes, wedding programs, wedding reception favors, desk stationery, baby announcements, greeting cards, and more! Most of what she makes is designed and printed in house, and assembled by hand.

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Applications Are Now Open

Spring is finally here, and the weather is beginning to warm up. All the little flower buds are poking through the ground we’re looking forward to a new year of growth, both as individual businesses and as a community. We are excited to announce that new member applications for the ShowMe Etsy street team are now live! If you are interested in networking locally, learning about growing your business, and being a “we”, instead of a “me” please apply by clicking the link below .

Apply for ShowMe EtsyIn order to give every member the attention they deserve, we are limiting application drives to just this one this year. We have a fantastic team, and are looking forward to hearing from all of you, and being a part of your journey as a successful Etsy seller. We will be accepting applications until 9:00 PM, May 10.


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Totally Treasury Tuesday: For Mama

Mother’s day is fast approaching, and ShowMe Etsy member has put together this lovely treasury of handmade gifts for mom. How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?

‘For Mama’ by annasinspirations

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! What’s better than a special handmade gift!

Coffee Table Made From Recyc…


9 CUSTOM Hipstamagnets with …


Starlight Mints Handspun Yar…


Summer – original painting …


Irish Wool Blanket Rag Rug


Garden Damask Serenity Jewel…


Beaded Crochet Flower Tie He…


Gourd Jar Small Green


Patchwork Yoyo Pillow


Simple Elegance – Brass Forg…


Ruffled Multicolored Neckwra…


Leaves Teacup


Quilt Tapestry, Strutting bi…


Gnerdy Gnomes – Fabric Zippe…


Hand stamped bold flower gre…


Flirty Chic Sack in Mint Gre…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

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Kicking off 2013 at Green with Indie

For many, last weekend’s Green with Indie officially kicked off the 2013 craft season. For crafters and artists, it meant getting back into the swing of things after a hectic holiday season.

PicMonkey Collage1

For shoppers, it was a chance to hit one of the few eco-friendly indie craft fairs in the STL area. With more than 60 artists, GWI featured goodies that are earth-friendly, salvaged, upcycled, recycled, home grown, home made, revamped, refurbished, and 100% unique.

And, 110% awesome.

PicMonkey Collage2

As a relative newbie to the indie craft scene, I’m continually blown away by the number of talented, diverse artists we have here in St. Louis. And, last weekend’s GWI showcased some of the best. No two booths were the same, with each vendor displaying their own creative and earth-friendly independent art and design.

PicMonkey Collage3

From a vendor’s perspective, one of the most gratifying parts of participating in these types of shows is getting to meet new people and sharing the love of your craft. It was exciting to see a steady stream of shoppers all day. Getting their craft on at the Upcycle Exchange booth. Noshing on food from Oh Sheila Chocolates and Urban Eats. Dancing with the Craft Yeti to tunes from KDHX.

And, picking up cool and totally unique handmade gifts for family, friends and themselves. A huge thanks goes to all of the organizers, The St. Louis Craft Mafia, sponsors, vendors AND shoppers!

Thanks for shopping local and handmade — we’re looking forward to next year!

PicMonkey Collage5

Contributor Jessi Goodhart

ShowMe Etsy Member, Jessi Goodhart of Red Door Furniture Co.In 2012, Jessi and her husband Jeff launched Red Door Furniture Co., where they create one-of-a-kind tables from local, salvaged doors. Their signature items are dining room tables, end tables, coffee tables and sofa tables. Their shop also features found and restyled home decor. You can get a peek behind the scenes of RDFCo. at


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Totally Treasury Tuesday – Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Just in time for baseball season! ShowMe Etsy member Anna Ourth put together this stunning Cardinals themed treasury. Go Cards!

‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ by annasinspirations

Go Cardinals!

Minky Fleece Tag Blanket Car…


Small Cardinal Photograph, B…


St.Louis Cardinals 3 piece S…


STL Print – 11 x 17 Red Post…


Cardinals – Fabric Button Ea…


4 oz. Merino Wool Top – Card…


St. Louis Hipstamagnets: Squ…


Birdhouse – St Louis Cardina…


VictoriasBliss St. Louis Car…


Red Flower V-Hook Earrings -…


St.Louis, Missouri. Persona…


Nubby SolMate Sock Scrap Rug


Personalized Monogram Reusab…


16 x 20 For the Love of the …


Cardinals GAME USED Baseball…


Micro Cardinal – Hand Sculpt…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

Contributor Anna Ourth
ShowMe Etsy team member, Anna Ourth of Anna Ourth JewelryAnna is a teacher turned stay-at-home mom to her three dear children.  Each piece of her jewelry is lovingly created by hand, and will arrive in an environmentally friendly kraft box ready for gifting. You can find Anna on Etsy or on facebook

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Head2urToes – The Evolution of an Etsy Shop

Granny Square Strap Purse By Head2URToesI can remember as a child, sitting next to my mother watching her embroider pillowcases for the firemen’s picnic.  She would embroider, crochet around the edges and then give them to my aunt to sew the one edge shut.  Back in those days, the 1950’s, the pillowcases were not as finished as they are now.  My mother and aunt would do at least a hundred pair of pillowcases for that one weekend in the summer. I would like to say I knew then that I wanted to crochet and sew but that wasn’t the case.

So lets fast forward this story to after I’m married and my mother is ill with a brain tumor.  The last thing she crocheted was a dress for my daughter Courtney.  It was a pink jumper style with little capped sleeves.  She finished it the day before her first surgery.  I didn’t realize just what that dress would mean to me.   Fast forward again, I’m cleaning out her house and find her pattern books, her crochet hooks and all her crafty goodies.  Needless to say, they go home with me.

I vaguely remember making my daughter Sandy a granny square skirt to wear.  But when you are busy raising seven children with a lot of activities, some things get put on the back burner.  By this time in my life, I have gone back to college, gotten a degree and am working in the hospital.

Men's knitted socks by head2urtoes on etsy I was never a good day person, and alarm clocks are not my friend.  So I was lucky enough to get the three to eleven shift for many years.  Then my father needed help at the age of 83 and he came to live with us.  So I changed my shift at the hospital to part time and to eleven at night to 6:30 am. Working overnights in the hospital can be either a breeze or a nightmare, depending on what comes thru the emergency room doors.  Being the only radiological technologist (do not call me a technician, I get highly insulted) in the department, it could get mighty quiet and peaceful.  In order to  stay awake, I picked up my yarn again, and started crocheting.  First I started making scarfs because they were simple to do.  Soon I had so many I didn’t know what to do!  Lucky for me, Courtney took them to her work and sold them all.  In fact, she started taking orders! We went from scarfs, to hats, to hooded scarfs, to baby bibs, baby blankets to baby booties.  This went on for four years.

Then my hubby retired on his birthday which just happened to be on New Year’s Eve. The plan was for me to continue to work until it was time for our annual fishing trip in May.  I made it to January 13th. You can laugh now.  Knowing that I’m not a person who can sit still, John asked me, “What are you going to do with yourself?”  It was a no brainer! I continued to sell my wares to Court’s workplace, but I had been lurking around Crochetville on the internet and reading a lot of the forum posts there.  They talked a lot about Etsy and a lot about copyright issues.  I took the plunge and opened my shop January 21st. Of course, not being as computer savvy as Court, I had help opening the shop.  So we became a partnership.  There is not much Court can’t do.

the many items by Sharon of Head2URToes on EtsyWhen we were choosing a name for our shop, we wanted something that would represent our handmade items as keepsakes for families. Everlasting was one word that we thought would do the job, so we kept that in mind as we began. We threw a few names around but nothing seemed to fit.  We kind of wanted something generic, in case we wanted to make something else besides crochet items.  One of our ideas was to use the name of a macramé shop I had in the late 1970’s, but it just didn’t go with our crochet items. At the same time, we didn’t want to use crochet because that would limit our growth, so the two of us decided that crafty would cover anything else. Everlasting Crafty had a nice sound, but didn’t seem complete to us, so since we create, it was logical to use Creations.  So there you have it, Everlasting Crafty Creations.  What we didn’t realize however, is the name was too long to be a complete Etsy username.  When we signed up, our user name got stuck at Everlastingcraftycre.  Realizing that it was making it hard for people to find our online shop, Court and I talked about it and changed our name last December to Head2urToes.  It still represents everything we make and hope to make, and it’s short enough to be a complete Etsy username.

After setting up our online shop at etsy, it took a long time to figure out what would sell. We tried all sorts of things to sell, doll clothes for Blythe, hooded scarfs (hard to photo) hats and fingerless gloves. At the craft shows, our biggest seller is our hats, so you’d think it’d be the same online, right? Our big seller online actually ended up being our sock slippers for men. Truly between shows and Etsy, we are Head2urToes!

I think most of the inspiration I get comes from family.  My husband was very good at helping me figure out what works and what would be a good seller.  He was my “what if man” and I miss him greatly.  He was my inspiration for the men sock slippers.  He wanted some new ones for his cold feet and I wanted to learn to knit them instead of crochet them.  So with my hands and his feet we created them together.  He was a guinea pig and he loved it! We have evolved from making just crochet items to knitted items, jewelry, felted animals, handspun yarn, and polymer clay figures.  I even dabble in making quilled earrings and Courtney likes to make cards.  Her latest whim is making wallets and billfolds from duct tape.

knit hat by head2urtoes on etsyWe still sell at Courtney’s job, but it is mainly personalized baby blankets.  We put the new babies name on the bottom of the blanket we crochet.  We also do consignment with Leslie’s Lovelies in Lebanon, Illinois.  We are still trying to figure out what works best in her shop.  You can also buy from her online at  We do craft shows, home shows and farmer markets throughout the year. With all this going on, I can say I don’t have enough hours in the day to do what I would like to get done.  I have often thought of taking my pattern notebooks and converting them into pdf files and selling them.  There is just so much I want to do and not enough time to do it.  I hope I never get caught up, and hopefully, we will continue to grow!

Contributor Sharon Wecker
showme etsy member sharon wecker of Head2urtoes As a Registered Radiological Technologist who worked overnights, Sharon found that she had time to revive the crocheting that she’d learned as a girl from her mother. After awhile, she had so many items laying  around that she didn’t know what to do with that she sent them to work with her daughter, and sold them all. You can find Sharon online at or on facebook

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Feature Friday – Artist Tori Sacco of Paperkeet

Tori Sacco of Paperkeet - ShowMe EtsyEvery other Friday here on the ShowMe Etsy blog is what we are calling “Feature Friday” where we spotlight one of our artists, or a local shop. This week, as it happens, we would like to introduce to you Tori Sacco and Paperkeet   , who happens to be both! Her little shop at 3237 Morganford, Saint Louis, MO 63116, near Tower Grove Park, is just fantastic. She carries not only her own snarky greeting cards, but also over 25 other local artist’s handmade goods. We love her tagline “We’d like to help you tell your story!”, but today, the tables are turned, and we are going to help her tell hers.

1. How did you pick your Etsy shop Name?
‘Paperkeet’ was the result of a SUPER long list of word sandwiches and made up words. We wanted something a bit random, one word, something memorable, and unique. We landed on Pistachio before ultimately going with Paperkeet. Would you believe there’s a Canadian company that does essentially the same thing as Paperkeet called Pistachio?! Small world.

2.When did you start selling on Etsy and why?
We set up an Etsy shop in April of 2010, but didn’t really do much with it until September of 2012. We had major plans to have our own e-commerce website, but Etsy just makes it so EASY!

3. How did your craft find you? Tori Sacco of Paperkeet - ShowMe Etsy
You know that stage in life where everyone in your peer group starts getting married? Well, that happened in 2006, and I’ve been working with paper ever since. I love the digital design aspect, while still getting to touch each and every piece I make to assemble/finish it.

4. Is this your full time gig, or do you do other things?
Paperkeet has been my MORE than fill time gig since November of 2011. I absolutely love coming to work every day, and (fingers crossed) hope to NEVER have to work for someone else ever again. One might say I’m not the best employee, too opinionated!

5.Where do you draw inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from everywhere, but mostly people. People say the most ‘greeting-card’ things on facebook! For weddings, people usually have something in mind that they’d like, so it’s a matter of bringing their thoughts to life.

6. How do you get past “Creator’s Block”?
Creator’s block…ha! No such thing when it’s your full time gig. I guess I think about the look on people’s faces if they were to see something that is NOT what they wanted.

Tori Sacco of Paperkeet - ShowMe Etsy7. How do you balance “craft time” with work and family?
I have never really thought of what I do as “crafting”. It is really my job; I just so happen to enjoy it! I balance my work and social life by not working on the weekend unless it’s absolutely necessary. Home time is important – socializing is like the creative reset button. Without it, you’re bound to get burned out.

8. When does it stop being a hobby, and start being a business? Like I said in question 7, it stopped being a business the first time I didn’t do it for free. So like, the second job I ever did! I guess things I give as gifts could be considered a hobby, but there really is almost no delineation between Tori and Paperkeet.

Tori Sacco of Paperkeet - ShowMe Etsy9. What part of the whole creation process (NOT the business end, ie photos and descriptions, or tagging) do you like the least?
For me, rounding up all the information that needs to be incorporated into a design is the biggest hurdle. I find myself procrastinating when it comes to sifting through notes and emails to get everything I need to get started. And when I say procrastinate, I mean clean! (see my clean studio) Once I get started though, I always wonder what all the fuss was about.

10. What question should we have asked but didn’t?
What are my large scale business goals, you ask? I’d like to get my Etsy shop (mostly greeting cards at this point) to be steady, so that I can count out that while I do crazy things elsewhere!

1. If I were an ice cream flavor, I’d probably be described as cold, but you still like it.
2. If I could, I would paint my whole house every couple of years.
3. When it comes to entertaining/parties, some people might say I have a hoarding problem. I’ve been told I have a thing for every thing.
4. Crybaby is my favorite flick of all times. Don’t judge.
5. My Hollywood crush is Johnny. See #4.
6. My favorite holiday is Halloween.
7. What Etsy shop do you have a secret crush on? Someone please buy me all of those.
8. I have a collection of earrings. I love earrings.
9. My favorite food is cheese puffs.
10. 3 silly facts about me are:
• You want honest? Ask me.
• I like to open things, so much so that when we are mid-house project, my husband usually can’t find anything because I’ve taken it out of its packaging, which kept it contained.
• Nature messed up when it made me blonde.

We’d like to thank Tori for taking the time to “chat” with us today! If you all would like to know more about the awesome, snarky cards available from Paperkeet, and find out what she’s up to, you can visit her etsy shop, website, or facebook page. You can also stop into their shop at 3237 Morganford, Saint Louis, MO 63116 to say hi, and find some really great, unique gifts, and greeting cards to accompany them. In addition to their own items, they’ve got over 25 local artists’ handmade goods for you to check out!

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Would You Like To Attend The Off White Wedding Show For Free?

In case you haven’t heard of it, the Off White Wedding Show is a community of unique wedding vendors who love what they do and cater to the out-of-the-box wedding. When you think about your wedding, or your kid’s wedding, the main idea that stays with you is that you want it to be memorable. You want it to be special. While you also want it to be personal, there’s only so many ideas that a person who has been involved in a mere handful of weddings could possibly have. One of the goals of the Off White Wedding Show is to show that a wedding CAN be low stress, eco-friendly and personal…and you can do it all in one place with an impressive list of independent artists, designers, photographers, and caterers. Check out this video from the 2010 show to get an idea of how cool the event will be.

Saint Louis Off White Wedding ShowThe organizers of the show have given the ShowMe Etsy team SIX tickets to this year’s show, which we will be giving away in pairs, so you can take your mom, fiance, daughter, best friend…you know. All you have to do is go and join the Off White Facebook Event and comment here telling us your favorite thing from YOUR dream wedding. We’ll choose three winners on Monday night, to announce on Tuesday morning. Thanks for stopping in, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Off White Wedding Show in St. Louis from Frank Wachowe on Vimeo.

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A Bit O’ The Irish

Following last week’s rainbow to it’s end ShowMe Etsy team member Angel of AngelsGourden put together this stunning pot of gold, featuring several ShowMe etsy members, and local handcraft friends. Whether you’re Irish or just Irish(ish), we think you’ll love this Green Themed Treasury from the Emerald Isle, just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day.

‘A Bit o’ the Irish’ by angelsgourden

The Green and the clover are known the world over….

IRISH Birth Year Coin Neckla…


Ireland Photograph – Celtic …


St. Patrick’s Day Photo …


Kiss Me I’m Irish St. Pa…


Irish House Blessing Poem Pr…


Landscape Painting Print – G…


Irish Sterling Harp Cufflink…


God invented whiskey to keep…


St Patricks Day hat, green 7…


Irish Apron with Leprechaun …


Piggy Bank Irish Shamrocks P…


St. Patty’s Day our Iris…


St. Patrick’s Day Tutu D…


Anam Cara Toggle Necklace, S…


Silk Chiffon Scarf in Green …


Vintage GOLD 4 Leaf Clover S…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

Contributor Angel Glaser
AngelsGourden - ShowMe Etsy TeamA couple of years ago, I decided to plant some bird house gourds in my front yard for the grandkids to decorate. The grandkids weren’t interested but I have been hooked on gourds ever since! You can find Angel online at her etsy shop or on facebook.

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